Please read the below information before making a booking for your child for the Covid-19 Vaccination.

We will be adminstering the Pfizer Covid-19 Childrens Vaccine to children aged between 5 and 11 years old, this vaccine is specifically formulated for this age group and we are not permitted to adminster the Adult Pfizer Vaccine to children in this age range. Please ensure that your child is booked in for the correct vaccine, children aged 5-11 who are booked in to an Adult Pfizer clinic will not be vaccinated and will have to make another booking at the appropriate time. Children who turn 12 before their second vaccination may opt to have the adult formulation as their second dose.  The interval between first and second doses is 8 weeks.

How to make your childs appointment as pleasant as possible

Vaccinations can be very stressful for children, our aim is to make the experience as quick and stress free as possible. By following the advice below you can assist in making this process as trauma free for your child as possible.

When making your childs booking please fill out all the fields on the booking form. There will be a screening/consent form that needs to be filled out before the appointment. This form can be filled out at the same time as you make the booking or via the link in your confirmation email. These questions will need to be answered before we can administer the vaccine, doing so at the time of the appointment in front of your child tends to increase their anxiety levels. 

The experience of needle insertion varies greatly between patients, some barely notice it whilst others can find it quite painful if tense. The discomfort can be avoided by use of a numbing patch or cream applied an hour before the appointment. This is especially useful for children who are nervous abouting being vaccinated. Use of an electronic device such as smart phone or ipad can help distract your child whilst being vaccinated. 

If your child has a history of fainting after vaccinations, please inform the vaccinator before we administer the vaccine so that we may take suitable precautions.

If you have a particularly anxious child consider telling them about their vaccination an hour before the appointment, rather than a few days before to avoid anxiety building up to an extreme level. 

Privacy & Safety

We have a private consultation room where we admnister vaccinations. This room affords a high level of privacy but is not as sound proof as a doctors room. The pharmacy is not a suitable location to vaccinate children who have a history of extreme opposition to being vaccinated, tantrums in the vaccination room can be very distressing for other patients waiting to be vaccinated. For the safety of patients and staff, children that will not sit still or cannot be restrained by the supervising adult will not be vaccinated. 

Post Vaccination

Your child will need to remain inside or just outside the pharmacy for 15 minutes post vaccination for observation.  Some paracetamol or ibuprofen pre or post vaccination can help reduce side effects such as sore arm, headache or fever.

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